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Warmly welcome Zhang Libo, president of China Foundry Association, to visit Huihuang and give guidance

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On the afternoon of March 28,2023, Zhang Libo, president of China Foundry Association, visited Huihuang to give guidance. Chen Jingchi, chairman of the company, Business Director Deng Xiaowei, Dr. Su Zaijun, minister of material R&D and other representatives warmly welcomed and accompanied the whole process.


At the symposium, Chairman Chen Jingchi, Director Deng Xiaowei, and Minister Su Zaijun introduced the development process, planning, product advantages and application, and talent reserve construction of the Huihuang to Chairman Zhang in detail. Huihuang was founded in 2009, the annual output of over 100000 tons of recycled aluminum alloy, with perfect waste aluminum recycling system, participate in the drafting of 5 national standards, has been authorized by the 27 national patents, various product brand, wide application areas, customized design, mainly used in automobile (new energy), aviation, electronic products and 5G communication fields. Compared with the traditional resource-consuming electrolytic aluminum, each ton of recycled aluminum produced can reduce the CO2 emissions by about 98%.


    At the meeting, Chairman Chen Jingchi also introduced the company's research and development innovation to Chairman Zhang,  new smelting equipment, new alloy materials, and aluminum dross resource utilization. The two sides had close exchanges on integrated die-casting in lightweight, cost reduction, improved integration and technology research and development. President Zhang highly praised our products, affirmed our contribution to the realization of the national carbon neutral policy, and put forward valuable suggestions on the subsequent development.


    Under the kind care and effective guidance of President Zhang of China Casting Association, Huihuang has been benefited a lot, and will continue to deepen the recycled aluminum alloy industry. At present, focus on the future, constantly consolidate the foundation, contribute to the development of the national foundry industry.

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